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We have a wide variety of firearms for all your needs from shotguns, rifles, air pistols, air guns and black powder weapons. We also have ammunition and accessories to all our firearms.

Large variety of firearms

In 1963, Mr David Crabtree founded the business – ‘Ophir Antiques’. This was since streamlined to Portsmouth Gun Centre and since 1982 have predominantly sold modern firearms.

Family run business

We offer a personable service to all of our customers providing our expert advice to you, to help you make the best and most informed decision, so you get what you truly want.

Personalised service

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Welcome to


Gun Centre


Since 1982 Portsmouth Gun Centre have streamlined their business providing you with specialised modern firearms for modern shooting.

Types of firearms we sell include:


• Shotguns


• Air guns and Air pistols

• Black powder guns and pistols

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